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Lawton: 815-1502, loc. 101 / Cameron: 815-1506, loc.
Cleaning (per unit)
  1. Mopping / sweeping of parquet and granite flooring
  2. Vacuum cleaning of carpets
  3. Wash down of bathrooms
  4. Removing of cobwebs and cleaning of terrace
  5. Pulling out of garbage
  6. Cleaning of Kitchen
General Cleaning (per unit) - in addition to Cleaning nos. 1-6
  1. Glass cleaning (frames & mirrors)
  2. Scrubbing of granite flooring
Carpet Shampooing (per room)
Stripping/sealing of parquet
Car Wash
  • Sedan
w/ shampoo & vacuum
Pest control/Fumigation
815-1502 loc. 113
Plumbing Services
Unclogging of drain pipe
Repair of pipe leaks/sewer line leaks
Repair of leaking faucet
Repair of water closet flushers
Unclogging of P-traps
Replacement of valves (gate, ball, etc.)
Replacement of angel valves
Unclogging of toilet bowls
Repair of continuous overflow of toilet bowl
Other plumbing works
Electrical Services
Installation / relocation of convenience outlet
Installation / rewiring of electrical panelboard
Installation / rewiring of additional lighting fixtures
Replacement of busted bulbs
Installation of telephone extension
Telephone conduit wire installation
House cable installation
Repair and servicing of in-house cable
Other electrical works
General Air Conditioner/ing (A/C) Services
A/C filter cleaning
Air handling unit cooling coil general cleaning
Replacement of electrical part
Replacement of check valve
Replacement of gate valve
Replacement of FCU/AHU 3-way valve
Other A/C works
Minor Carpentry / Painting Works
Installation of door / cabinet hinges
Replacement of door lockset
Installation of door closer
Installation of drawer locks
Installation of door locksets
Installation of curtain
Installation of door viewer
Installation of picture/painting frames
  • less than 5 sq. ft.
  • more than 5 sq. ft.
Painting services
Construction of wall partition
Fabrication of cabinet and open shelves
Other carpentry works
816-7260 / 815-1502, loc 111
HEALTH CLUB   (Opening Hours: 6am to 10pm, daily except holidays)
Personal Training
Package (8 sessions)
Per session
Package (10 sessions)
Per session
SPA Personal Care
  • Composed of different types of massage and facial services.
815-1507 / 815-1502, loc. 124


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